Course Description

Designing effective processes is not just about creating a flow chart - it is understanding the depth and breadth of a process, what variations are needed, and how the process connects to other work (or processes). How to design and document critical process knowledge is a skill which requires using various process tools such as process frameworks, modeling current and future state, and preparing process definition documents, SIPOC models, and RACI charts. 

During this course you will learn how to properly scope a process; conduct the essential analysis to design a process for purpose and fit; and document a process to meet the differing needs of the varied stakeholders of the process. As an IACET Accredited Provider, APQC offers .4 IACET CEUs for this course that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.


  • 1

    PDE-1 Introduction and Stage Setting

    • PDE-1.1 Intro Video

    • PDE-1.2 APQC Course Completion Requirements

    • PDE-1.3 APQC's Process Management and Process Improvement Approach

    • PDE-1.4 APQC's Process Management Life Cycle and Seven Tenets

    • PDE-1.5 Learning Objectives

  • 2

    PDE-2 Process Definitions & Models

    • PDE-2.1 Process Models - Intro

    • PDE-2.2 A Process Definition

    • PDE-2.3 Process Models Help With The Design

    • PDE-2.4 Process Frameworks Anchor The Enterprise

    • PDE-2.5 A Look Inside The Process Classification Framework

    • PDE-2.6 How To Access The PCF From

    • PDE-2.7 Structure of PCF

    • PDE-2.8 Business Capabilities - PCF

    • PDE-2.9 Process Design Relationship Map

    • PDE-2.10 Quiz #1

  • 3

    PDE-3 Process Scope

    • PDE-3.1 Process Scope

    • PDE-3.2 Relevant Environments

    • PDE-3.3 Boundaries and Constraints

    • PDE-3.4 Triple Constraint

    • PDE-3.5 Stakeholders

    • PDE-3.6 Process Challenges - APQC Infolink

    • PDE-3.7 End-to-End Slides

    • PDE-3.8 Quiz #2

  • 4

    PDE-4 Process Analysis

    • PDE-4.1 Process Analysis

    • PDE-4.2 Roles and Collaboration

    • PDE-4.3 Lead to Launch RACI

    • PDE-4.4 RACI Template

    • PDE-4.5 Completing a RACI Chart

    • PDE-4.6 Completing a RACI Chart Download

    • PDE-4.7 RACI Quiz #3

    • PDE-4.8 SIPOC Holistic View

    • PDE-4.9 SIPOC Template

    • PDE-4.10 Completing a SIPOC

    • PDE-4.11 Completing a SIPOC Download

    • PDE-4.12 SIPOC Quiz #4

    • PDE-4.13 Process Definition Document

    • PDE-4.14 Completing a Process Definition Document

    • PDE-4.15 Completing a Process Definition Document Download

    • PDE-4.16 Process Model

    • PDE-4.17 PDD Quiz #5

  • 5

    PDE-5 Publishing Processes & Summary

    • PDE-5.1 Summary

    • PDE-5.2 Tailoring and Variations

    • PDE-5.3 Publishing Best Practices

    • PDE-5.4 Summary and Wrap-Up

    • PDE - 5.5 Additional Resources #1

    • PDE 5.6 Additional Resources #2

    • PDE 5.7 Process Design Relationship Map

    • PDE-5.8 Quiz #6

  • 6

    PDE-6 Highlights and Wrap-Up

    • PDE-6.1 Close Out Video

    • PDE - 6.2 Course Evaluation