Completion of all APQC training course requires a learner access and perform all chapters and lessons included within the course. This will include quizzes, activities, and/or assignments, and also a course feedback survey as the last lesson.

  • Quizzes require correct answers to greater than 50% of the included questions. Learners will be allowed as many attempts as needed to pass each quiz, and can revisit earlier lessons as needed. Once passed, correct responses for any remaining incorrect answers will be provided.
  • Activities are facilitated by instructors during live sessions. They are not scored; participation is all that is required. During and at the end of activities hints, tips, insights, and feedback will be provided real-time by the instructor.
  • Assignments are activities that the learner works offline and submits their results. For instructor-led courses they will be used for discussions during subsequent live sessions. For self-paced courses they will be reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert in the course content and feedback provided to the learner.

A course is complete once all chapters and lessons are completed. At that time the course completion certificate will be earned and may be accessed through this training platform.

Courses that earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) apply the same completion requires as stated above. CEUs will be indicated on the course completion certificate.