Course Description

This course will walk you through the fundamental tenets of the Master Planning for Innovation (MPI) methodology and show you how to align around important change initiatives; establish clear authority and responsibilities; establish clear roles and deliverables; appropriately resource and plan for change; and organize your information management and flow. As an IACET Accredited Provider, APQC offers .4 IACET CEUs for this course that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.


  • 1

    MPI-1 Introduction and Stage Setting

    • MPI-1.1 Introduction

    • MPI-1.2 APQC Course Completion Requirements

    • MPI-1.3 APQC's Process Management and Improvement Approach

    • MPI-1.4 APQC Process Management Life Cycle and Seven Tenets

    • MPI-1.5 Learning Objectives for Master Planning for Innovation

  • 2

    MPI-2 What Is MPI?

    • MPI-2.1 Defining MPI

    • MPI-2.2 Quiz #1

  • 3

    MPI-3 Capability Model

    • MPI-3.1 Defining the Capability Model

    • MPI-3.2 Transforming An Organization With MPI

    • MPI-3.3 Structure of the Capability Model

    • MPI- 3.4 Quiz #2 What is MPI and Capability?

  • 4

    MPI-4 Capability Initiative Roadmap

    • MPI-4.1 Roadmap For Building Organizational Capability

    • MPI-4.2 Charter a Project

    • MPI-4.3 Quiz #3 A Roadmap and Project Charter

  • 5

    MPI-5 Project Execution

    • MPI-5.1 Current State Analysis

    • MPI-5.2 Future State Design

    • MPI-5.3 Gap Analysis and Implementation Plan

    • MPI-5.4 Quiz #4 What Is Project Implementation?

    • MPI-5.5 Demonstration of a Heat Map

  • 6

    MPI-6 Sustain The Capability

    • MPI-6.1 Monitor the Capability Portfolio and Organizational Capabilities

  • 7

    MPI-7 Summary

    • MPI-7.1 Best Practices in Change Management

  • 8

    MPI-8 Highlights and Wrap-Up

    • MPI-8.1 Close

    • MPI - 8.2 Course Evaluation