Course Description

During this course you will learn how to identify, assess, and select process improvements; pick the right improvement approach and manage the change process; and integrate and align different improvement initiatives across the organization. Topics to be covered include change management, benchmarking, lean/Six Sigma, and the alignment of improvement efforts across an organization. As an IACET Accredited Provider, APQC offers .4 IACET CEUs for this course that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.


  • 1

    PI-1 Introduction and Stage Setting

    • PI-1.1 Introduction To Process Improvement: Identifying and Prioritizing Improvement Opportunities

    • PI-1.2 APQC Course Completion Requirements

    • PI-1.3 APQC's Process Management and Improvement Approach

    • PI-1.4 APQC Process Management Life Cycle and Seven Tenets

    • PI-1.5 Learning Objectives For Process Improvement

  • 2

    PI-2 Process Improvement Definition

    • PI-2.1 Process Definition and Process Improvement Approaches

    • PI-2.2 Process Maturity and Process Improvement

    • PI-2.3 Align Improvement With a Process Classification Framework

    • PI-2.4 Quiz #1

  • 3

    PI-3 Identifying Process Improvement Opportunities

    • PI-3.1 Roadmap For Process Improvement Opportunities

    • PI-3.2 Benchmarking and Maturity Assessments

    • PI-3.3 Stakeholder Assessment and Kano Analysis

    • PI-3.4 Quiz #2 Benchmarking And Stakeholder Assessment

    • PI-3.5 Process Analysis Introduction: Affinity Analysis, Cause and Effect Thinking, and Dashboards

    • PI-3.6 Quiz #3 Affinity Analysis, Cause and Effect Analysis and Dashboards

    • PI-3.7 Heat Map Analysis and Other Analytical Techniques

    • PI -3.8 Demonstration of Heat Map

    • PI-3.9 Quiz #4 Heat Map Analysis

  • 4

    PI-4 Assess and Prioritize Opportunities

    • PI-4.1 Prioritization Purpose and Techniques

    • PI-4.2 2X2 Matrix

    • PI-4.3 Prioritized Heat Map and Value Path

    • PI-4.4 Quiz #5

  • 5

    PI-5 Develop the Roadmap and Implement Process Improvement Opportunities

    • PI-5.1 Implementing Improvement Opportunities

    • PI-5.2 Quiz #6 Project Implementation

    • PI-5.3 Tips for Success: An Addendum

  • 6

    PI-6 Highlights and Wrap-Up

    • PI-6.1 Workshop Close

    • PI - 6.2 Course Evaluation